A Party Without Cake Amusing Cocktail Napkins

A Party Without Cake Amusing Cocktail Napkins

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Ben thinks no detail is too small. He also thinks every day should be wonderful and that there is nothing wonderful about a regular, thin beverage napkin. Enjoy a proper cocktail and add just a bit of cheer with each of our premium inspired cocktail napkins. Each napkin measures a generous 5" by 5" and printed on premium three-ply softest tissue. Forty napkins are packaged in a clear, plastic box.

Drink after drink, each is sure to make you smile and give guests a party they will not forget. Each BEN'S GARDEN amusing cocktail napkin set will entertain 40 guests comfortably and surely deliver a smile with style.

Premium three-ply softest tissue napkins
Entertain 40 guests
Clear box is Eco-friendly; it is made from corn
Printed locally in the USA
Package can be opened and closed between use
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