"Geisha" The House Of RIB & RHEIN Fashion Party 2017


On Thursday July 20th The House of RIB & RHEIN welcomed VIP guests to “Geisha”, a presentation at the annual fashion party in Newport. Champagne, sushi and fashion met with with 90’s hip-hop music at the boutique to create one of our most unique fashion parties to date.
Moments before our guests arrived, the RIB & RHEIN team gathered upstairs as the chefs rolled tuna in nori and models received last minute hair touch ups. 
A red carpet lay elegantly on the sidewalk outside with velvet ropes hanging just before the boutique entrance. Traffic slowed that evening on William Street as they stopped to take pictures of the fashion scene.
As more guests arrived and the party was at an all time high, the music grew louder and the lights dimmed, as models began their strut down the staircase. Heads turned towards the magic, this is the moment they had all been waiting for. The male models were dressed in wigs with long hair down the back and pinned in the front while clutching samurai swords. Female models wore Geisha wigs with umbrellas, flowers, and chopsticks throughout. Dressed in silk kimonos and sunglasses, the “Geisha’s” had a delicate yet powerful presence as they swept through each floor.  
Stopping at key points throughout the boutique, the models held their poses, and moved to the next point with finesse and grace. As their song, “Forbidden Colors" by Ryuichi Sakamoto came to an end, the group formed in LE CAFE, the Asian inspired tea room for their final poses.
The song passed on to the next upbeat hip-hop tune and the models poses were switched in accordance with the beat, it was quite an invigorating sight. Our guests were smiling from ear to ear as they watched the show come to a brilliant end.
Applause set throughout the first floor and excitement heightened the already stimulating VIP party. The obsession with LE CAFE set in as the models held their stance. Ladies and gentleman moved closer to examine the stunning models draped in kimono's.

Our guests were able to interact with the “Geisha” scene and take pictures surrounded by our models. It was elation beyond belief as the aroma of our tearoom and kimonos formed an unparalleled Anglo Asian experience.
Ladies and gentleman lined up to have the memory of these pictures and relish in the exhilaration of it all.
Our first and second floor echoed with laughter, dancing as glasses were being clinked.
Surrounded by love and friendship, our guests went home feeling exhilarated. It was a fantastic night at the House of RIB & RHEIN boutique.
Throughout the night delicious appetizers and melon sake shooters were in constant flow. 
The menu consisted of a tuna tartar splashed with mango vinaigrette and ginger, garnished in cilantro. A spicy tuna roll with avocado and cucumber, as well as a vegetarian roll with mushroom confit, baby bok choy, and onion. We were also serving a Tuna nigiri, sliced cured tuna over a bed of rice. And for desert, roasted peach with sage cream. Shooters with honeydew, cantaloupe and melon infused with Saki were being served throughout the night. Each dish was prepared with uppermost care and passed around on a plate garnished with beautiful geisha inspired flowers.
The night eventually came to an end and the RIB & RHEIN team cheers to another fun, successful event.

We love nothing more than to make our clientele, friends and family feel wonderfully happy and flowing with love and positivity.
A special thank you to all guests in attendance, it was sincerely a chic party night.
A special thank you to all guest in attendance came out to have a great night and support the boutique, it was sincerely a fantastic night.