A Masquerade Affair in Newport

The Making Of The Mask
There is nothing more enchanting than a masquerade ball. A night filled with designer gowns, bottomless champagne, diamonds, pearls, and of course the mysterious masks.

One of the only times your outfit may take second stage because everyone is focused on one thing- the mask. However, where do you get the perfect mask, the one that will make you fall into the world of mystery and have everyone wondering –who is behind the mask? We went behind the scenes with Swarovski Crystals to see just how these gorgeous crystal masks are made.

With focus on trends, design, and meaningful branding, every piece made by Swarovski tells a story and embodies over 120 years of mastered craftsmanship. Each crystal is hand laid to different mask styles using a tool called Hotfix (heat applied stones).

As the glue melts it seeps into the fabric and hardens, affixing the crystal permanently to the piece. Colors and textures make each mask a little different. Whether you want to be edgy and mysterious or soft and flirty, there is a mask made for everyone.


The crystal application artist decides which colors they will use and where the crystals will be placed. They then hand apply each crystal using the Hotfix tool. This tool is applied directly to the crystal, where it heats up the preset glue on the underside of the crystal. 

Since 1895, founder Daniel Swarovski’s mastery of crystal cutting has defined the company, Swarovski. Today, the family carries the tradition of delivering extraordinary designs to people all over the world.
The masks Swarovski is creating exclusively for RIB & RHEN and the Newport Art Museum Gala are unlike any others in the world.
Designed by RIB & RHEIN and Atelier Swarovski to achieve the perfect mask for the event. Each mask is unique and made with precision and care. More than just a mask, but a treasure and keepsake, because everyone needs a little mystery in their lives…xx
Emily Caron
is a proud sponsor of the Newport Art Museum's "Artist's ball" July 1st