The RIB & RHEIN Dress Installation


The Newport Art Museum’s Artist’s Ball
2017 Corporate Sponsors

On the evening of July 1st, The Newport Art Museum welcomed many to the Artist Ball. Dapper gentlemen with fabulous ladies on their arm walked through the front doors of the John N.A. Griswold House, a National historic landmark building on Bellevue Avenue.

Dressed in ball gowns and suits the guests were asked to wear masks, and wear them they did. Guests were in masks from Venice, homemade masks, RIB & RHEIN Swarovski commissioned masks, some covering an entire face with feathers encrusted with jewels… It was quite an amazing sight and all around the perfect night for a masquerade ball.















The RIB & RHEIN girls came prepared early for The RIB & RHEIN Dress Installation in The McNair Ilgenfritz gallery, strolling down historic Bellevue Avenue in their Zac Posen gowns. Cars pulled over, rolled down their windows and were dying to know what these special gowns were for.

As the night went underway, beautiful men and women in costume came flowing into the museum arm in arm, immediately drawn to our installation due to the extravagant chandelier, dripping with 15,000 crystals in the center of the room. The spectacular chandelier was a unique collaboration between RIB & RHEIN and Orion HD.

With wide eyes and gasps all began to stare up at the light drawn mannequins that were sparkling in Swarovski crystal. Our dress installation featured designer dresses from Tome, Prubal Gurung, Wes Gordon, and Suno. As guests were welcomed, our RIB & RHEIN team offered tours describing the designers, patterns, collections and the amazing Atelier Swarovski crystal detailing.


Under the garden tent of beautifully strung lighting, plates of the finest food and cocktails were enjoyed. In addition to a brief performance by an extraordinary soprano from the Met Opera, the total of 400 guests enjoyed a one-of- a-kind porcelain service for twelve from the highly regarded designer Anna Weatherley, and dancing to the Alex Donner Orchestra until the clock struck midnight. Guests left feeling amazed.

The guests of honor were also welcomed to join in the silent auction held throughout the pathway leading from the museum to the dinner tent.

RIB & RHEIN offered a stunning neckpiece from our recent guest, Iris Apfel. Iris specially designed the necklace herself featuring shocking amounts of Swarovski crystal. The necklace was a crystal encrusted dove winged around the neckline, symbolizing peace for the amazing, Iris.


Our installation was a complete success, we were thrilled to add the art of fashion to the Newport Art Museums annual, Artist Ball. RIB & RHEIN ended the night with a cheers and a few group pictures under the chandelier of course. It was a night to remember.