Les Parfums

A collaboration of Fragrance and Chocolate 

In Grasse, France two hundred and fifty blush pink roses grow to perfection. When just right, they are taken with care to none other than the renowned perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian to create a masterpiece. At Maison Francis Kurkdjian these roses are transformed into the fragrance “A la rose” where they offer their unequalled richness in every bottle. “A la rose” is an ode to femininity and a declaration of love, translated into a beautiful fragrance.
A Newport, Rhode Island Chocolatier, Michele De Luca-Verley, exhibits her expertise with every truffle she hand rolls and dips at maison de COCO.   Made with only the finest ingredients, her tea infused truffles send you into a state of pure joy with every bite. Decadent, rich, and crafted with passion, the truffles bring a little bit of Paris into the ocean state of Rhode Island.
RIB & RHEIN is collaborating with Maison de COCO to bring you a truly unique one of a kind experience of taste and scent. When sampling truffles from maison de COCO you will realize that the quality is unparalleled to anything of comparison, as you also realize when you first smell a scent crafted by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.
Both crafters with a passion, one in Paris and one in Newport, meet here at Le Café at RIB &RHEIN.
Send your tastebuds on a journey when you indulge in La Vie en Rose Truffle made with rose melange tea. This truffle was inspired by the fragrance A la rose, which you will also receive a sample of when ordering the truffle. However, Michele did not stop at just one fragrance. Taking samples from Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s fragrance wardrobe, she elegantly crafted each truffle to bring out the scent of 3 more unique fragrances.
Michele was inspired by APOM Homme scent for the next truffle, the Bergamot Truffle. APOM Homme is a fresh citrus scent from the orange flower, but there are also spicy notes from the cedar, pairing perfectly with the green lemon, which oils give it a slightly spicy and citrus taste. Maison Kurkdjian’s scent, Aqua Universalis is paired with Michele’s Citron Oolong Truffle. The connection to a citrus oolong tea is the freshness from the citrus in Aqua Universalis, holding a sweeter finish from the floral notes. Our last combination is made with Baccarat Rouge 540, which Michele paired with her Jasmine Peach Blossom Truffle. There is a certain powdery element to the taste of the truffle that lends to the fullness of this particular scent.
In Le Café at RIB & RHEIN we debuted the chocolates on our summer menu. Find each truffle paired with the fragrance sample so you can understand the connection between the fragrance and taste, a treat your senses will truly thank you for.