Gucci is serving up exclusive experiences.

Introducing the new and improved Gucci Garden that has just opened its doors in Florence, Italy. Previously held in the spot within the ancient Palazzo della Mercanzia was the Gucci Museo. However, creative director Maria Luisa Frisa had a revolutionary idea for the brand, taking the Gucci Museo to another level.


The Gucci Garden is now holding a combination of product, pasta and experience. This includes a restaurant on the first floor where Michelin-starred chef, Massimo Bottura will be cooking up classic Italian dishes with a contemporary twist. He has created an entirely new menu for Gucci, which includes dishes such as Parmigiano Reggiano. The restaurant has been carefully curated to fit with Gucci style, an intimate 50-seat experience prepared to excite posh diner parties coming in from the Firenze night.



So what exactly is the goal for Gucci as they step up a notch in the design world? Maria Luisa Frisa wants to take the concept of a museum and transform it into a collaborative space where clothing, video, accessories and valuables can be showcased. She has carefully curated each exhibition room throughout the first and second floor of the “Garden”. One of the first rooms to be seen by the viewer will be the “Gucci Ghost” room, where the iconic double G will be featured in many forms, designed by artist Trouble Andrew. True to Gucci, the room is dripping in creativity, edge, and magnetism.

As your journey through the Gucci Garden continues you will find yourself in the ‘Paraphernalia’ room, which is devoted to Gucci’s signature codes and staples that relate to the brand.

Onto the next room on the second level Gucci has named this room the ‘Cosmorama’ room, which is meant to portray the “historical jet-set customer of Gucci and the evolution of the Crest.” This room includes many of Gucci’s previous “historical” bags, suitcases, and luggage. It investigates the origins as a maker of leather goods.

The room that has been a major factor in the exhibits intense success is the small red-velvet tented cinema, which will be playing a preview of Zeus Machine/Phoenix which is a short film by the Zapruder filmmakers group.

Just when you think the tour is over, another room opens to satisfy the viewer as they move onward through the experience that Gucci has created. Each room was carefully chosen to portray a direct message to the consumer in an edgy, exciting way. The Gucci Garden also holds a boutique offering a selection of home goods and accessories on the first floor.



 A space full of charisma dispersed in the gallery rooms, the visitor can make a choice upon entering, to drift around or carefully examine each room, their surroundings, and the meaning throughout their journey inside the Gucci Garden.