Gucci Hits Soho With a 10,000 Sq. Foot Bang

Gucci is aiming to go above and beyond anything that has been done by brick and motar stores in Soho, Manhattan. There was a time Soho represented a "freewheeling attitude" to music, fashion, and art. The goal of this new GucciWooster, 10,000 square foot innovative hub, is to bring an eclectic energy and evoke the thrill of discovery to their clientele. Never seen in Soho, Gucci commends the artistic soul and legacy
of the district. 
President and CEO of Gucci, Marco Bizzarri, is conducting an experiment. He hopes to bring the concept of this store to their roughly 520 locations upon the  success of this hub. Once inside the doors you will become a part of this  overwhelming, exciting experience. LED walls, 3D video displays and digital interactive tools allow this area to be used as a multi-sensorial building.  The intimate screening room complete with headphones and velvet armchairs, will host rotating and seasonal creative films. The customers will also be able to view and or customize products in real time through augmented reality technology. 
Laying throughout the store fixtures you will find a plethora of reprinted copies of a 1985 music issue of Interview Magazine that features Madonna on the cover, an inspiration to the layout and design of this store. While fashion is obviously the central point of this store, Bizzarri wants the buyer to experience something they cannot at other shops. Gone are the guards in black and white suits metal detecting you upon entrance. They are being replaced with what Bizzarri is calling, "connector's", a way to sell the brands lifestyle. These store associates are focusing on connecting the clients to Gucci in an emotional way, trained and hired for their ability to tell Gucci's story.
The store that opened this past Sunday on May 6th includes a preview of the new Dapper Dan - Gucci collection before its worldwide launch. Invited guests arrived on opening night for a feature four-part film / documentary series shot by Wu Tsang. The brand invited artists, musicians and creatives who once ruled the streets of the neighborhood.  
This is an experiment for Marco Bizzarri. If proven successful he wishes to implement this foundation to all of the roughly 520 locations. He stated, "If you go out and you feel the energy and you feel the passion you want to have with Gucci, the customer is becoming loyal. You want the buyer to be free to visit and experience something that keeps them thinking about their time spent with your brand." Next time you find yourself in the city, make sure to check out the location and experience Gucci like you never have before.