Graphic Designer Ikko Tanaka Inspires R&R

Born in Nara, Japan in 1930, Ikko Tanaka was the creator of a graphic style that joined modernist simplicity and aesthetics with Japanese tradition. He studied art as a young adult and soon enough formed his own design studio, “Tanaka Design” where he produced work for major companies such as Mazda, International Garden and Greenery Exhibition and Issey Miyake. RIB & RHEIN share the essence of his creativity throughout our store and designs. 

His poster design for the Nihon Buyo performance has named itself the most famous and well-known of his work. The Nihon poster above captures his style of the Japanese culture and geisha through simplistic shapes and colors. Tanaka has designed a wide range of work throughout his life. Among other things, he has worked on posters, logos, packaging and annual designs. 

Ikko succeeded beyond his expectations and was able to out shine his competition creating clean, precise designs that were still colorful and playful. He was creating a synthesis of old and new with these vibrant combinations of shapes.  

Tanaka's work has paved the way for a surplus of young designers to follow in his footsteps. Later on in his career, Ikko was accountable for creating the brand Ethos which is now considered a universal home goods manufacturer. He has been involved in thousands of projects throughout his career, including the design symbols for the Expo '85 in Tsukuba and World City Expo Tokyo '96 and curating design exhibitions for MoMa and the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

RIB & RHEIN encompasses the work of Ikko Tanaka. We love his simplistic, yet powerful designs that perfectly portray Asian infusion. Although Ikko has passed away, his legacy lives on through other designers and previous projects that continue to be shown around the world today.