“CRISTA” By: Zaha Hadid

 Sparked by Zaha Hadid’s curiosity with the natural process of crystallization, Crista is a dramatic centerpiece rendered in Swarovski crystal and cast 24-carat gold plated metal. The impressive size and reach is a testament to Hadid’s architectural skill and prowess. Only 12 will be commissioned and the one RIB & RHEIN displayed for the “Crista” event, curated by John Grosvenor, was the first to be shown in a retail space in North America.
Zaha Hadid was one of the most powerful architects in the world. The Iraqi-British architect was the first woman to receive the Royal Institute of British Architects gold medal and to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Hadid passed away suddenly in 2016 of a heart attack, but her legacy and work lives on in her amazing creations. She will always be known as woman who consistently pushed the boundaries of architecture and urban design.
Hadid has been named the “Queen of the Curve” who gave architectural a whole new meaning due to the way she shaped her buildings in ways architects in the past never knew possible. She never used right angles in almost all of her designs, which many others in the field saw as impossible. However, Zaha accomplished the impossible in all of her structures.
There truly was no better fit for Atelier Swarovski to collaborate with for their newly launched Atelier Home Collection than Zaha Hadid.  Atelier Swarovski is a newly launched branch off of Swarovski by family member, Nadja Swarovski. Atelier Swarosvki invites designers with unique styles to create pieces that represent them using Swarovski crystal.
“I wanted this piece to represent the ethos of Swarovski”- Zaha Hadid
The sculptural design showcases Swarovski’s innovative Wave Cut technology, which allows curved lines to be cut in crystal for the first time.
On Thursday, August 24th people from all over gathered at RIB & RHEIN in awe to view the astronomical piece. John Grosvenor, renowned architect and Newport local, curated the evening with a speech that made us humbled and honored to be able to share the experience with our wonderful customers.
Guests sipped champagne and indulged in hand-dipped truffles from le maison de COCO, which were paired with fragrances from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. The evening was glamorous, chic, and sophisticated. It was a truly inspiring evening and another RIB & RHEIN event to remember.